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The dimension of the area surrounding the houses is 6300 m2. Inside the barn you can find two washing machines and a tumble-dryer. Also you can use the garden garniture and the open fireplace behind the main house.

The distance to the nearest sea (Kolsjön) is 5 km. Here you can visit a public seaside resort with foot-bridge, lawn and playground.     Also you can find a seaside resort as described on the Bellen, a bigger sea (10 km). Pictures of the seas are shown in photo album 3.






The house is located on an ground area with an expansion of 8300 m2 including forest and field. Just as for Timmergrind you can use the gar-den garniture and the open fire place.


Click the right button to start a walk along the road near Timmergrind!



The distance to the nearest sea (Enegren) is aproximately 2 km. You can reach the sea in less than 5 min by car. A seaside resort doesn't exist but hidden places invites to enjoy the silence of nature (see photo album 3). The Bellen isn't far away (9 km / 10-15 min). Here you can find a public seaside resort also with foot-bridge, lawn and playground.

In case of booking you'll get a detailed

description of the route to the houses.









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