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Holidays in Småland / Southsweden

Enjoy the nature of Sweden and forget all your pretended problems!

Holiday houses "Timmergrind "

               (Max. 15 Persons)










Holiday house "Nygrind "

(Max. 4 Persons)





With an area of 29.330 km² Småland is the biggest countryside of south Sweden. The location of the houses is the upland of Småland between  Eksjö, Nässjö, Vetlanda und Sävsjö.

Typical for Småland are the red wodden houses with the white window-frames. Most of the people know this houses from the film-versions of Astrid Lindgrens narrations (Pippi Langstrumpf, Emil of Lönneberga, The children of Bullerbü). The named villages are close by the holiday houses. Her visit is an unforgettable experience just as a trip to the "Astrid Lindgrens Värld" in Vimmerby especially for children.


Småland has about 5.000 seas. Some of them are in the nearest surrounding of the holiday houses. Swimming and fishing on beautiful places provides recovery and relaxation just as a walk through the far-reaching forests. In the later summertime and in autumn you can collect lot of mushrooms and different kind of berries. Also you can observe animals like elks, deers, foxes and badgers.




















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